TikTok allows its accounts to be used to register for other applications

Like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Google, TikTok announced a new software package that allows logging into third-party applications using its accounts.

This feature will help TikTok users to register in applications in an easy and very fast way instead of recording complete data and consuming a long time in registration, as the platform account will appear in other login options as we see Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Google in many applications.

Developers can apply to this feature to add it to their applications, but of course there will be a charge for that – such as obtaining the geographical location of users, as well as access to the data used in the application that will be registered with. This could raise the criticism the company faces due to privacy.

On the same side, the company announced a new feature that allows sharing audio clips from other applications of Tik Tok, thus enabling users to add audio clips that are not available in the application’s library to their own library,

Tik Tok will get more other audio clips and increase the capacity of its library without the need to obtain direct licenses, but it will also make sure whether these clips are original and have been shared by their original owner or owned by others.

To enable users to share audio clips on Tik Tok, developers will have to enable the feature to share content from their Tik Tok applications.


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