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Professional tools to try after unintentionally deleting important files

We own many files and folders that contain our confidential accounts, our personal photos, our games, and the most important data necessary for our business programs inside the storage disks. The question now is what would we feel if this data was lost or deleted by mistake, certainly a bitter feeling and a painful experience that may be very expensive for our time and effort if we try to duplicate it or search for it on the Internet to download it again.

In fact, trying to create exactly the same files or images that we had is in most cases desperate and may ultimately fail, no matter how much time and effort we sacrifice with it. For this reason, the process of retrieving deleted files is tantamount to going into war. Either victory and success or defeat and failure. Luckily, there are many file recovery tools out there that save us all the hard work and time. In the context of this matter, let us review with you a set of tools that help us avoid potential disasters, which have ease of use and the ability to recover all types and formats of deleted files.

1- PC Inspector File Recovery

PC Inspector File Recovery is one of the best and most popular free tools in its ability to recover deleted data, it supports both FAT 12/16/32 file formats and NTFS file formats in various versions. Although it is a free tool and available for any user to rely on, it is one of the advanced tools that have the ability to explore all “Partitions” that were accidentally deleted, even if the nature of the restore process was during the collapse of the Windows system and its failure. The only downside with this tool is that there are some complicated terms and symbols that are difficult for the inexperienced to work with and understand its functions. But despite it being a professional tool that is difficult for the average user to deal with, it is one of the best tools to recover deleted files without requiring us to incur any material costs in purchasing them.

2- Wise Data Recovery

The second tool is also free, but like the previous tool, Wise Data Recovery has an easy-to-use interface and all its functions can be understood and dealt with very simply. You will first be asked to choose the drive you want to search for and then click on start the scanning and exploration process, and you can also select and choose the type of files you need from the tool to search for. It includes an optical signaling system that first verifies the authenticity of files before retrieving them. The tool supports the process of searching and deep exploration for deleted files, but this process is not supported in the free version, so if you prefer to rely on it, you will have to upgrade to the Professional Professional Edition, which starts at $ 44.99 as a monthly subscription, and you will benefit from it by getting the latest updates Software and support by the developer team to help you retrieve your deleted files.

3- Stellar Data Recovery Professional

The tools to recover deleted files are not the same in their operating systems, types and ways to retrieve files. They are characterized by the ability to recover deleted and even damaged files, especially pictures and files of the Windows system. The tool’s developers indicate that it is not for companies, and as such is for practical and home use of people. It is characterized by a wide range of modification methods and selection of the type of files desired to be restored. It provides a very deep search and exploration process and is unique with an easy and simple interface and an effective scanning process in short periods of time. Stellar – $ 49 USD provides the ability to repair corrupted files once they have been recovered. As for the Professional Edition, it comes at $ 99. Fortunately the free version of the tool is available but only for a limited period of use.

4- Acronis Revive

If you are an IT professional and responsible for a large group of devices across a business network in a small or medium company, you will need an effective and responsive tool in the ability to retrieve the deleted data necessary for your job. Acronis is, as described by its developers, one of the best tools and fastest solutions available for backing up files and being able to restore them again. It has the ability to accurately identify the reliable data center and ensure the validity of files along with retrieval of encrypted information. The tool’s developer team is committed to providing technical support to users 24/7, 24/7.

They aren’t designed for people’s home use, especially when you consider their price tag, which starts from $ 69 to $ 839. Certainly the price is a little exaggerated, and for this reason it is directed to advanced and professional uses on the side of companies, as the full version of the tool gives them the ability to use it for a whole year and take advantage of its features that allow companies to be able to retrieve files from the cloud infrastructure without having to pay for the tool once. Second, which provides this ability at a value of $ 299 for every 250GB of files that you recover.

Despite the high price of the tool for ordinary users, it is reasonable and suitable for small and medium-sized companies that seek the goal of retrieving the necessary important data that were accidentally deleted by employees. In the end, we want to note that the Acronis tool is available free of charge through the trial version for a period of 30 days, which is a positive period for users to make the right decision whether it is worth buying or not.

5- Recuva Pro

One of the best file recovery tools in terms of cost and familiar user interface, once you run the tool you will realize that it is by the developers of the popular CCleaner tool. The tool is free, but the paid and full version of it comes under the name of Recuva Professional, with a value of $ 19.99 for a full year that starts once the tool is activated with the provision of technical support by developers to help the user be able to recover his deleted files.

Despite the very low price, there are things better than the price in Recuva Pro, as it has the ability to recover files via virtual as well as physical volumes. In addition, you will find that the full version of it provides the latest software updates constantly, which are made by developers automatically to improve the efficiency of the tool in retrieving deleted data of all kinds. Of course, the tool is well defined, easy to use, and can recover most of the necessary files. On the downside, its only drawback is the lack of support for different operating systems except for Windows.

6- Prosoft Data Rescue 5

Although it is difficult to find a tool capable of recovering all kinds of deleted files, we can say that there are some tools that perform better than others. Prosoft specializes in recovering files deleted by full scanning. And through several reviews by monthly software sites, this tool has a good reputation for its ability to explore all kinds of deleted data and get amazing results with it.

The current price of the tool is $ 99 and there is another additional price that you will have to pay if you want Prosoft to go deeper for several additional hours in exploration in order to recover all the data deleted after a deep search. We believe that if the additional time period pays off then it will be a worthy tool for the waiting period that we are forced to have until it ends completely. It features support for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

7- EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

We believe that it is one of the best tools loved by many users in retrieving deleted files and images with high efficiency, perhaps a personal computer is not without EaseUS Data Recovery as it features support for both Windows and Mac systems and provides the ability to specify the type of files to search for, whether these files are For pictures, videos, documents, or folders that were accidentally deleted during the formatting and partitioning operations of the storage disk sectors or even due to the collapse of the Windows system or as a result of files being attacked by viruses and malware and various possible scenarios that ultimately lead to the loss of the most important files.

The tool is easy to use even in the absence of sufficient knowledge by the users regarding file storage systems and their types, as soon as you run the scanning process and a quick search, all the results that the tool was able to recover will appear. In addition to that, there is a deep search method, but it requires waiting for longer periods of time in order for the tool to explore a sea of ​​different files. It features the ability to identify and identify the type of lost files before restoring them.

EaseUS Data Recovery is one of the tools that is used widely and in many ways, but in fact there is nothing unique about it as we found with some of the previous tools. But this does not diminish its importance and importance for most users thanks to its ability to achieve the desired goal easily and with good results. The free version of it is only a trial version, so if you notice its ability to see all your deleted files, this means that it is the intended tool, and at that time there is no objection to supporting the developer team by purchasing the full version and taking advantage of the full features of the tool.

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