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Top 10 PS4 Exclusives You Should Try Right Now

With the release of Ghost of Tsushima, the PS4 era has officially ended and I am sad to say these words, but this is the year of life, we are now slowly approaching the end of the life cycle of one of the most amazing platforms in history as we approach PS5 and the future more and more and since we are nearing the end, I thought that We publish our personal list of the 10 best exclusives in the history of the PS4 platform in order to help those who are about to buy it after it is licensed or for those who want a new exclusive experience before the PS5 and does not know which title to choose? And if you have tried all the list that I will mention like me, sit next to me and let us relive the best memories and let me welcome you to our series of articles that we will devote to the PS4 farewell, let’s start ..


Sony excelled in this generation without a doubt!

Sony gave us memories that I cannot forget that may make me place the PS4 as the best platform for me, surpassing the legend of PS2 and I am not exaggerating, yes, the PS2 remains a myth that I can never diminish it and have lived through it from its inception and since the PS1 in the first place, but I was still a child then, yes I played Titles that I still remember for a moment, but my entire youth period was with PS4 and with a technical and graphic development like the one we live in, it is very easy for the titles to stick to your mind more, but thank God I have lived with the golden generation and lived with the PS1 and PS2 generation, and I will not deny that the platform of the 155 million sold copies will remain the best in history..


But there is something in the PS4 that attracts me more personally, and this may be due to Sony’s creativity with this generation simply because it provided us with characters, games, experiences and stories literally that I will never forget no matter how long I live and was able to make nothing out of nothing worthwhile, but rather put ideas that you might normally consider simple And turned it into a reality and experiences that no one had ever done before !!


10th place: Persona 5 Royale
In summary, if you like JRPG games to the core, this is one of the most amazing of them throughout history, so do not hesitate for a moment, but I put it here because of its complexity in this element, which does not like a large group of players alike, including my humble personality, but this does not make it bad. Quite the opposite and an experience worth investing your time in if you like this type.

Persona 5 Royale

Ninth place: Days Gone
More exclusive, so wronged and I don’t know why? Not to mention its very frank technical problems, I do not know why this game does not get what it deserves as it presented a very wonderful story and presented a new factor that we have never associated with this way, namely the motorcycle. The story of our game takes us beyond the spread of a deadly virus around the earth that transformed most People for Zombies to live the rest of humanity hoping to survive one day after the other while gathering resources using the only type of vehicle that has remained standing: motorcycles!

Our story revolves around Deacon, who lost his girlfriend and tries to survive in this lonely world, in general, with a style of play that created a lot on the side of the Hordes or the dense Zombies groups and with a focus on some weak RPG factors, Days Gone gave me one of the most amazing experiences of the recent period, but unfortunately its problems Technology has hit it, but we have ninth place on our list today.

Days Gone

Eighth place: Final Fantasy VII Remake
We no longer have Final Fantasy VII Remake for the memories of the nineties, but it took that experience that we will never forget from our childhood and re-launched it in a completely new form and style that made me personally accept the JRPG genre after a boycott, the game was characterized by a balanced experience as it gives you the same memories of playing alternating roles Just like the past, but it added a new flavor to it that made it faster, much less boring and full of action, and it did not make its system as complicated as the usual JRPG games, but its goal was to introduce this genre to new players easily.

I will not forget the beauty of the story, the connection of its characters with each other and the beautiful cinematic scenes in it. If this is not enough, then perhaps the return of Cloud Strife and his companions will convince you to return to the beautiful time and become Final Fantasy VII Remake an amazing experience that deserves to be here without a doubt and it is assumed that working on its second part It started completely so, we can’t wait ..!

Seventh place: Bloodborne
One of the most amazing things From Software has to offer in the Souls games, I can easily say that Bloodborne is the successor to Dark Souls in the stadiums on PS4, of course I don’t need to say that it is very difficult and requires your study of each enemy and his movements properly to know when to dodge? When will you repel? When do you hit? On top of that, Bloodborne introduced the dark world of Yharnam, bleak and wonderful at the same time, a world in which you dive as a Hunter or a hunter and believe me the adventure is worth all your time if Souls are your goal and favorite genre of course..Who knows? It is possible that we will get an improved version of it for PS5!

Sixth place: Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End
Nathan Drake’s farewell Naughty Dog in the fourth and final part of his story gives me chills for a moment, so what do I say? Am I talking about the graphical side and the animations that no developer in the world except Naughty Dog has mastered with this magnificence and realism, especially in the last fight without burning! Oh my God on beauty, which I will not find any words to describe, am I talking about the accuracy and realism of the characters in everything? Am I talking about the story, its events, its ups and downs and its ending that made me applaud Naughty Dog for it? Or am I talking about cinematic scenes and the radical transformation of games to become like movies in the chase scene that no player who has tried this game can forget? Please do yourself a favor and try Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End if you haven’t tried it yet. I would have liked to place it in a bigger position, but I found something sweeter as well ..

Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End

Fifth place: Ghost of Tsushima
Nobody believed Ghost of Tsushima’s huge success, achieved by a great studio with experience as few in number as Sucker Punch, Ghost of Tsushima is my current obsession and has a special place in the hearts of players because it is the last exclusive at the conclusion of the PS4 life cycle at all and frankly was able to end that cycle In the most beautiful way possible, this game simply presents us with the experience of Japan that we have always dreamed of, but we did not get it. It not only offers a combat experience as a samurai, but also puts the customs and traditions of Japan, its environment and beauty in everything as a reflection of it which is what it mastered very much, Ghost of Tsushima experience immersed me In the world of Japan that I always wanted, it gave me an astonishing, astonishing and astonishing fighting style for the third time, a building in the elegance of a samurai with an epic story of generational conflict and the struggle of new beliefs against the old, in the end I don’t know what to say but it is an inevitable experience!

Fourth place: The Last of Us Remastered
You might be surprised that I put an improved version of a game in a list like this one, but I can’t and it won’t work otherwise if I come and ask me who is the best game in PS3 history? I will say The Last of Us, but the interesting thing is the success of this game is unrivaled on the PS4 as well, not because it gave us an improved version of 60fps for the first time on the PS4, but it provided us with a perfect experience that we lived again, but with another flavor and ask anyone who will tell you that trying this game Each generation came completely different, and in general we will not argue about The Last of Us being one of the masterpieces of games in history, whether from an amazing storyline drama that steals hearts and really highlights the father-daughter relationship for a survival-based style of play that made our bodies shriek and to wonderful graphics in its new version enabled The Last of Us outperformance even at the expense of its second part !!

The Last of Us Remastered

Honorary addresses must be mentioned!

The Last of Us 2

Are you in shock? You shouldn’t, well, if The Last of Us 2 was released in better conditions than the one in which it was released and gave up its ideas and agenda that supported it and many of its elements that were not presented or delayed in its story, I would say about it the best game in the history of PS4 but I put it closed eyes in the center The first without controversy, I can also admit to you that its graphics are the most wonderful in the history of all games without exception, but I admit that the animations come from another planet and the details of its world and its beauty is unprecedented and you will not see it in any other game and even the story itself I liked a bit because I played it personally To see the truthfulness of the allegations that the game is being accused of or not, I would be surprised that they are all true.

Unfortunately, The Last of Us 2 story is full of gaps and thinness in the narrative, with a very strange ending and the death of a character whose events have been primed in the most prosaic way I have ever seen in a game characterized by an originally linear storytelling, and what makes matters worse is that it supports a dirty agenda whose presence in the game has no meaning and does not add Anything, it only exists because it wants to be there, and unfortunately a game that respects me and appreciates my habits and traditions like Cyberpunk 2077 which CD Projekt Red team agreed to revise is better and better for me than a game that did not respect me and did not appreciate the customs of our society and did not even agree to revise it so as a simple consideration, I’ll put it in the honor box where it belongs to a loss on a game like this.

Shadow of The Colossus

You will feel how beautiful Shadow of The Colossus is at its end, in its music, in its sublime message that may make me recommend it to you, but try to buy this game at a reduced price because I do not understand the reason for the fuss about it being a legend so that I find it unnaturally duplicated and the way it controls so bad during my experience of it But as I mentioned its end is worth the effort for it.

Uncharted The Lost Legacy

A solo game for the Uncharted series, Nathan Drake does not exist in because it was released after the fourth part and his goodbye in it, puts you in the shoes of Chloe and Nadine, who are characters from the secondary world of the series. In fact, the story of the game was not bad at all and it is available at a cheaper price than any basic game because it is Standalone Generally, try this game when you finish the main series or if you want more Uncharted potion.


A very strange game, but it is important to try it, simply it is not a game as much as it is a tool you use to develop any game you want, that is, it is games within one game, just unleash your imagination and your creativity and develop your favorite game inside it and enjoy, of course it is an experience for some categories of players so if You’ve always been a fan of creativity so this is your game without a doubt.

The Last Guardian

If you are going to play Shadow of The Colossus, add to it The Last Guardian, which has the same characteristics and tells the story and relationship of a child with a mythical animal from its beginning to its end, what makes me recommend it to you is that it is very influential and will leave in you a feeling after you finish it that is difficult for me to describe.

Ratchet and Clank

I know that a lot of people did not try Ratchet and Clank in the first place because it is a bit cartoonish, but that does not reflect its essence at all. Behind these cartoonish graphics, there is a fun game to the highest degree developed by Insomniac Games with all dedication, Ratchet And Clank takes you on a journey of space across the planets with the fun duo Ratchet and Clank of course, and the game is characterized by its humorous nature, great fun being an Action Platformer with distinct animations that will remind you of Pixar movies, for example, and an experience that is worth all your time in the end.

NioH 2

A game similar to the Souls that offers its own experience in which you immerse yourself in the world of Yokai, monsters and Japanese myths with very difficult gameplay of course, I can say that it is a version similar to Bloodborne but Bloodborne of course is better, but it is a title worth trying if you finish Bloodborne on PS4 and want more of this genre .


Third place: Spiderman

It is impossible not to put Spiderman on this list, we are talking about the best-selling game in the history of PS4, but without that, Spiderman PS4 remains one of the greatest experiences that I have personally experienced over the beautiful years of PS4 as it was able to automatically etch a smile on my face whenever I played it and the secret is in One word: “enjoyable” !! You will not see a game on the same level as Spiderman’s fun, which created a fleet of mighty animations and movements that made its playing style the pinnacle of fun and renewed the vitality of a great character like Spiderman, which everyone loves undisputedly and not only that, but also presented a distinct story across the open world of New York, which we are not tired of. Never, if you haven’t tried this game, I don’t know what the truth awaits, especially since Spiderman Miles Morales will be the launch game for PS5 !!


Second place: God of War
Yes, you may not like this talk, and this is your right, but in my very humble personal opinion, I was not able to put God of War in the first place, but this is not faulty because there is simply no defect in God of War, it is one of those integrated experiences as a game from all its corners The official Reboot is considered one of the greatest game series in history without any doubt, but it has already witnessed fundamental changes to its game system, but God of War is God of War, if you put it in any mold it will undoubtedly succeed in it as it is built on its old parts somewhat in terms of Its popularity, for example, and that is my only problem with it, which is that it simply relied on the glory of the past to return to a new glory that is not tainted by anything else.

Let’s talk about the game, I can’t forget Kratos and Baldur’s first fight, dear reader, I open it on YouTube from time to time to witness that cinematic splendor covered under the mask of a game, what Santa Monica did is something Martian zebrafish for example in this particular scene and this The least I can say about God of War is that it was not only interested in fighting, but also presented a father and son story that is considered epic and its ending is surprising already. You have modified gameplay from A to Z and you have Kratos and the name’s luxury is enough. Almost God of War is a PS4 brand and it will be forever ..

God of War

1st place: Horizon Zero Dawn
A surprise, isn’t it? I know that the game was released on the PC, but it was released very recently on it, and since it is not doing well there, its version on the PS4 has been considered all in all until now and until it is deleted from the list of PS4 exclusives permanently and on the other hand, believe me it is not a dispute It is known and I can simply say that I played God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn and unfortunately I was never able to put God of War in the first place not because I did not enjoy it but because I enjoyed Horizon more, that’s all there is to it, and you will find most people put God of War War first, and this is normal, but they will mostly underestimate the right of a jewel like this ..

As I mentioned to you above, I respect any new IP that comes to me with a new idea and I may put that above any other game taking into account what you offer of course, but believe me when I say that coming up with an idea from scratch is not easy at all, it is easy to take a character like Spiderman with all my respect It is used in building your game and almost you will not tire much because all the data you have, there are those who put basics for you in advance, all you have to do is follow them only, you may find these basics in comics or movies, but there are those who have taken the trouble to create the character Spiderman from scratch, which is the most difficult thing In order for you to use it after that, and I will not swallow if you say that these basics are presented on a plate of gold, the case is the same or similar to it in the game God of War, which guaranteed its success before it was originally issued and this is because it relied on its foundation that it set for itself from the ancient ancient trilogy. .

Horizon Zero Dawn

Simply God of War was a Reboot, an excellent Reboot that is not flawed, but rather gets elements such as RPG, Ax and Atreus, but relied on Kratos ‘glory and brought it back with his splendor, his splendor and the players’ love for him and I repeat, this is not a shame …

The difficult challenge is to create a game from scratch, a completely new IP, and not only that, but you have a more difficult task, which is to love the players in it, which is exactly what Guerrilla Games did with Horizon Zero Dawn, a completely new idea centered around the end of the technological world we know and the return of humans to the conditions of antiquity such as use Bow, arrow and in front of ?? In front of future machines that look like dinosaurs !!! One of the most crazy and shameful ideas that I have ever had for a moment and that no one thought about it before nor did one of them before !!

But Horizon Zero Dawn did not come out as an idea only then to come out and dazzle us more with what it offers of a vast and huge world that includes the ruins of technological progress that humans have reached, leaving behind these strange and huge machines, with which each struggle differs from the other so radically that their scenes are majestic when you see them. Horizon has crafted the RPG element beautifully. You will be surprised by it because it is a new IP, but it uses it as if it is an expert in it, and how I can forget an epic story like it that raised many emotional questions in me at the time with music that grabs the heart from the first minute!

All of these things Horizon Zero Dawn did alone, it did not need previous foundations, but was proactive in everything and in all its elements, yes it did not have a huge share of sales compared to God of War or Spiderman, but we know the reason between us, in general my experience with that game attracted me With it to its end, its innovative ideas, its amazing gameplay, its finely tuned RPG element despite its difficulty for any developer, and a story that tears my eyes at its end, Horizon Zero Dawn snatches me well and deservedly to become the best exclusive in PS4 history and is eager to experience Horizon Forbidden West On the PS5 when released in 2021 ..!

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