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Transform your TV into a smart device with the best media streaming devices

Why are streaming media devices the best way to enjoy TV sessions? A question whose answer lies in one reason: converting an ordinary TV into a smart TV. As for if the TV is really a smart TV, well . maybe then we can describe it as getting smarter. The purpose of streaming media devices (or what we call it video streamer devices) is just like the purpose of a smart TV. Play free or paid streaming services over the Internet.

But media broadcast devices have very useful and important features that may push us to buy one and rely on it. Among the most important of these features are the largest number of content broadcast services applications that it provides, in addition to a more flexible and easy user interface, better operating efficiency and performance, speed of scrolling between menus and pages in faster periods of time thanks to the stronger digital processors, and on top of all that come discounts and successive discounts in The benefit of the user is the same thanks to the competition between the leading companies that ultimately led to the low price and cheapness of broadcast media devices.

Most of the peoples of the world live a period of extended quarantine and curfews throughout the evening periods, which has provided an opportunity for people to seek various means of entertainment, and media broadcast devices are considered one of the best solutions in recent times due to their ability to convert quarantine periods into recreational periods full of fun, enjoyment and luxury. Therefore, we will take you with us on a short tour, through which we learn about the benefits of broadcast media devices and review together their importance and the best service broadcast devices available now for purchase at the best prices.

The performance and resolution of the broadcast devices they support

In terms of performance, large digital receivers “Set-Top Boxs” are faster than “Streaming Devices”, and the higher the price, the higher the performance of them in relation to the time periods that they travel during the loading of applications and various watch lists, This depends on the types of digital processors that are used in the different broadcast devices.

If you have a TV with 4K HDR specifications, it is necessary to ensure that the broadcasting device is able to support these specifications. In general, most media streaming devices can display content with a display resolution of at least FHD 1080p, the reason for this is that most TV screens come with FHD resolution, along with TV display content that relies on broadcasting visuals at FHD 1080p resolution. But there are many services that have already started adopting 4K display resolution to display high-quality content, and in order to benefit from this quality on your screen, you must have a broadcast device capable of supporting 2160p resolution with support for high dynamic range technology to enjoy the quality and clarity of colors in the best possible way.

The most popular apps and services

Exactly what streaming service apps are you looking for, this question will be answered by the media streaming device that you choose yourself. Fortunately, media streaming devices have become very similar to each other in the suite of supported streaming services apps … at least when it comes to streaming devices that come from the leading companies.

For example, Apple applications are exclusively available through the Shukra media streaming device, which is Apple TV, and the Fire TV streaming device is responsible for displaying the content on the Amazon Prime Video application service in the best possible way. There are other media streaming devices such as Chromecast and Android TV, but Android TV is affiliated with other companies (third parties) other than Google, but in order to display movie and video content for Google’s services. That is why many users prefer the Roku Streaming Device for being a neutral party and its ability to display the content of the Amazon Prime Video application and the Google Play movie and TV series collection with many other applications that it includes, in fact it is one of the best media streaming devices, but it lacks many Another advantage is the intelligent control power provided by other media streaming devices from leading companies such as Amazon and Apple.

In terms of searching for content, you will find some unique characteristics that media streaming devices have, regardless of the list of supported applications, for example the Roku Feed feature and the Apple TV in helping them to continuously detect new upcoming content, while the Amazon device provides souvenirs And recommendations of what will be displayed on the Fire TV Service.

The ability to intelligent remote control and connection ports

As for the audio playback features, you will find in the media broadcasters of the leading companies the ability to play audio through headphones with a Bluetooth connection range, and this allows the ability to hear the TV sound of the connected person individually through the speaker only, and in this way you will not cause inconvenience to those around you during Watching movies or listening to music loudly. The Roku Streamer has the ability to hear TV sound through a wired headphone only and can be played through the Roku app via smartphones or via the remote control that comes with the company’s large digital set-top box.

If you care about the remote control “remote control”, there are some media broadcasters that come with a remote that contains buttons capable of forward and delay operations, and sometimes it contains buttons to control the volume of the television, others support the voice control feature by executing commands The user receives audio via a small microphone built into the remote control. Speaking of acoustics, there are some media streaming devices (most of them) that support the Dolby Atmos sound system, so you can benefit greatly from the high audio frequencies if you have a Surround Sound System or speakers that support Dolby Atmos.

Some media streaming devices come with USB slots to allow the ability to connect USB hard drives or MicroSD cards and display the content on their memory. It also comes with an Ethernet port to connect to the wired Internet, but all of them support connection via a Wi-Fi point, so if your home is crowded with a large number of connected devices, it is best to make sure of the signal quality of the transmitter before purchasing and it is better that it contains the latest wireless networks standard at the time you will By purchasing the device in it .. “So far ac 802.11 ax Wi-Fi.

What are the best media streaming devices at the moment

Out of all the media streaming devices, 5 stand out in particular, and they are all from the big flagships: Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast. If we exclude the Chromecase broadcast device, you will find support in all devices to see the menu system on the TV screen and the ability to control it through the remote control unit, while Chromecast relies on controlling what is displayed through a computer, tablet or smartphone. But in the end, you will find that all of them are able to provide the content of the most popular video and music streaming services on the Internet.

Chromecast casting device

The platform for Google is almost the simplest and least complex media streaming device, as it only requires connecting it to the TV screen and starting the process of controlling everything via a smartphone, there is no remote control, there is no specific user interface, nor any trace of pre-installed applications to move between them . So it is one of the simplest, easiest and most economical devices, connected to Google Assistant to operate anything you want to watch through voice commands.

Amazon Fire TV Streaming Device

At the moment, the Fire TV media streaming platform is the modified version of the Android TV streaming device, but bearing in mind the presence of the Prime service provided, Prime Video and Prime Music have been prominently integrated into the app’s menu. Certainly, there are many other streaming services available such as Hulu, Netflix and YouTube, but the Fire TV platform is designed specifically for Prime service content, and the company has recently taken care to integrate Alexa voice to recognize voice commands through a built-in microphone in the remote control.

Fire TV Cube comes with its device to execute voice commands completely hands-free thanks to the set of speakers built into the broadcast device itself, so you can do or watch what you like and do everything without the need for a remote control. If you have a 4K screen and want to buy a Fire TV, we recommend that you buy the modified Fire TV 4K for its ability to support UHD resolution, HDR10 technology, and Dolby Atmos sound system, and it comes at a value of approximately $ 50, but if you do not currently have a TV 4K The first release is available for $ 40 USD. Remember that there is a great opportunity for you to buy a 4K screen in the future, and there is content that is already coming in high definition, so if you want our advice, it is best to buy one of the broadcast devices that support 4K display, especially since the price difference is very close.

Android TV streaming device

Android TV platforms are Android-based – as the name suggests! The NVIDIA Shield TV platform is the first device to rely on Android TV to be able to stream Netflix 4K service away from smart TVs that have the built-in Netflix 4K app.

Android TV devices have the Alexa-like Google Assistant for Fire TV and Siri for Apple TV, and there are some built-in TV screens with the same feature as Sony TV screens, so you can use it remotely via the built-in microphone to hear voice commands from the user. Android TV devices have the same features that can be obtained with the Google Chromecast device, so that the content can be displayed through a smartphone or computer on the TV screen through Android TV media streaming devices.

In addition, if you are looking for the best sound possible with Android TV streaming devices, you should purchase the JBL Link Bar speaker thanks to support for Android TV audio and the speaker based on Google Assistant to provide the ability to execute commands without the need to use the hands. It is worth noting that Google has so far not been interested in the manufacture of devices for broadcasting Android TV services, but is focusing its efforts on its own broadcast device, Chromecast, which is why it has left Android TV to third-party companies such as NVIDIA and others.

Roku Streaming Device

Ruku calls the thousands of services and apps available on its media streaming device “Channels”, including all of the most popular streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, Twitch, and other apps for showing movies, sports, news and weather. And European content.

To this day, according to our knowledge, there are only 6 Ruku media broadcasters, the most prominent of which are the Ruku Streaming Stick and the Ruku Ultra thanks to their support for 4K and HDR10 display, while the Ruku Ultra has some additional features such as a wired connection option, a remote control and a headphone jack This causes a higher price value than any other device of the company. Certainly, Ruku provides its $ 180 “Ruku Smart Soundbar” to provide a highly compatible stereo sound system from its service broadcasters.

And speaking of the rest of the models, both the Ruku Premier + and Ruku Premier are able to support 4K resolution and cost between $ 40 and $ 50. The last two devices for the Ruku platform are Ruku Express + and Ruku Express, for displaying content in HD.

Up to this point, Ruku has not built its own TVs, instead it provides its modern technologies to other TV manufacturers, and this has imposed a cycle allowing many exclusive features to be incorporated into Ruku TVs launched from partner factories at cheap prices compared to the leading companies’ televisions. That’s why Ruku TV enables the ability to take advantage of all applications and services provided by all distributors without the need for a Ruku Streaming Device, and these screens often come with 4K resolution and support for High Dynamic Range technology.

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