Twitter reaches 200 active users daily

Twitter announced the first-quarter financial results of 2021, which saw an increase in the company’s revenue to $ 1.04 billion thanks to the number of active daily users reaching more than 199 million users.

The company achieved a growth of approximately 20% during the first quarter of this year compared to the same period in 2020, which saw the platform reach 166 million daily active users.

This growth comes due to the spread of the Corona pandemic around the world and users spending more time continuously on the platform, and it is also the case with the situation after the recent US elections and the great interest of users on Twitter in it after a long round of skirmishes between Donald Trump and President-elect Joe Biden.

In this quarter, Twitter managed to achieve profits of $ 68 million, thanks to its revenues exceeding $ 1 billion, representing a growth of 28%, compared to the first quarter of 2020.

Twitter numbers in the first quarter of 2021:
Daily active users exceed 199 million users, a growth of 20%.
The number of active daily users outside the United States has reached 162 million, a growth of 22%.
The number of active daily users in the United States reached 38 million.
The company’s revenues reached $ 1.04 billion, a growth of 28%.
Advertising revenue reached $ 899 million, growing by 32%.
Revenue from the US market reached 558 million dollars.
Revenue from global markets has reached 480 million dollars.
Net income was $ 68 million, compared to a net loss of $ 8 million in the first quarter of 2020.
Twitter expects revenue to reach between $ 980 million and $ 1.08 billion in the second quarter of the year, roughly equivalent to the first quarter.


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