Twitter will launch the Twitter Blue service with several advantages

Twitter announced several months ago that it wanted to launch several paid services, whether for itself or for content creators, and after it announced the gift bowl service and Supper Follow, it is preparing to launch the monthly subscription service Twitter Blue.

The service will provide several benefits to users such as not showing ads, the feature of grouping lists together, and another feature to cancel sending tweets within a specified period.

According to Jin Manchun Wong, a well-known app analyst and leaker, Twitter is working on the final touches to launch the Twitter Blue service with the best user experience to provide for accounts, especially as they will be with monthly subscriptions.

The service fee will be about $ 3, according to Jin Manchun Wong, but so far there have been no confirmations from the company about the service, its appearance and its price, but it is expected to be officially disclosed soon.

It is noteworthy that, in recent weeks, Twitter acquired Scroll, which specializes in removing ads from websites in exchange for a monthly subscription, as well as the Revue Company for mailing newsletters, which explains the significant change in the company’s strategy and its direction to offer more paid services for a fee to improve income channels.

The company has been struggling for years with declining profits, weak income and relying almost entirely on advertising, but now it hopes to achieve a significant shift in revenue through paid subscriptions, after generating more than $ 1 billion in revenue in the fourth quarter.


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