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How important updates will be for your phone after the launch of Android 11 and iOS 14?

It is very common among users of some operating systems, especially Windows, to stop automatic updates because they usually take a lot of time. This is in addition to the excessive consumption of the Internet, which ultimately leads to the consumption of a large part of the Internet package, but is it to stop automatic updates or not to update the operating system and programs Installed is a good thing? The answer is, of course, no, as new updates bring many important features to users, whether in terms of security or performance, and so on, and we have talked with you in a previous topic about the most important reasons that push you to update your programs and get rid of old versions, but in this topic we will focus on the security aspect and the importance of updates In protecting your phone from hacking.

Operating systems, as well as programs installed on the device, especially Internet browsers, are among the most important goals that hackers and even unethical organizations seek to penetrate, and the reason for this is to obtain information that enables hackers to achieve a certain benefit, for example the hacker may seek to obtain credit card and payment card information. Of users in order to steal it, and some hackers aim to obtain other information such as information on social media accounts and others.

Hackers use many methods that enable them to take over the victim’s device, and the most prominent of these methods is through outdated programs and non-updated operating systems, as most of these programs and operating systems contain security holes and problems that need to be fixed, and these gaps and problems are The way to reach the victim’s device.

Although such flaws are present in many programs and operating systems, even Android and iOS, and other giant programs such as Google Chrome, Firefox and others, the developers are working to discover these gaps and fix them as soon as possible and then send them to users in the form of Updates, so keeping the software up to date will make your phone safer.

On the other hand, when the applications are not constantly updated, this makes you vulnerable, as it is possible to penetrate your device with the simplest things, through a JPEG image or an MP3 file it is possible to exploit the gaps in the non-updated programs, and Internet browsers are also considered one of the most programs that can cause Security issues as some websites install malware on your device without your knowledge.

It is also possible for the device to become infected with the ransomware virus as a result of not updating the programs, the ransomware virus holds your files and prevents you from using them until you pay money, and some programs can access the camera without your permission, which may result in a violation of your privacy, and you can get infected This is the result of browsing untrusted internet sites or connecting another infected device to your device.

It’s not just operating systems and browsers

Web browsers are considered among the programs that can cause a great danger to the devices through which malicious and malicious programs can be installed, as well as for the vulnerabilities in the operating systems that allow viruses and worms to infiltrate your device, however it is not limited to browsers and operating systems only, but there are many Among the other types of programs that are vulnerable to hacking and thus they can cause harm to your device, in fact any program that supports Internet connection or even opens files downloaded from the Internet is vulnerable to penetration, and the following are some of these programs:

Microsoft Office: Old versions of Office programs such as Word 2007 are considered to be programs that are still in use among a large group of people. However, in these versions there are very large security flaws that can be exploited to access information on your computer, and this can be done through a file WordPress is downloaded from the Internet.

File compression tools and software: Many file compression programs such as WinRAR, 7-Zip, and WinZip contain security flaws, and hackers use such flaws to infiltrate users’ computers and access their data, for example your computer could be infected with malware If you downloaded a zip file from an untrusted source.

Photo editing and operation applications: Photo editing programs such as Photoshop, especially old versions, also contain some security flaws that threaten the security of your computer, and even image and media drivers such as VLC, may contain security flaws that harm your device, and for this it is better to update all of these programs continuously.

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