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Distinctive uses you should know about flash memory

In this generation, every one of us knows and uses flash memory, so we decided through the following article to review a set of distinct uses for flash memory that you should know to make use of the flash memory to the maximum:

Installing self-boot programs on the flash memory

You own a piece of flash memory and its memory is empty? So, you can install a set of the most important programs on its memory and use it whenever you have any computer.

There are many programs that can be installed on the flash memory, such as Firefox, Chrome, 7-Zip, VLC Media Player, Foxit Reader, and many other applications that you can download from the sites of the programs. Just be sure to download the Portable version of whatever program you will be using and store it on the flash drive.

Fix virus and malware problems

Do you want to repair your computer or get rid of dangerous viruses that you are facing?, All you have to do is go to the pendriveapps site that displays all the self-boot programs for repair, virus detection and disposal completely via flash memory or CDs.

You can also use some dedicated protection, security, backup and virus removal programs like TrendMicro HouseCall, Kaspersky or Glary Utilitis.

An alternative operating system to the main system

Usually, the flash memory is relied on to burn the Windows version, but fortunately, you can use the flash memory piece as an alternative system, where anyone can install one of the light Linux distributions and use it as an alternative operating system to the main Windows system.

There are some light distributions that require strong specifications and work best for weak computers. Among these distributions you will find Damn Small, Puppy, and Xubuntu. If you are looking for Android systems, I recommend you to try Remix OS or PrimeOS and use a flash memory to boot directly to them.

Make an automatic backup copy of the folders with an image

You may have problems exposing the hard disk to some problems that cause the most important data to be corrupted. With free Microsoft tools such as SyncToy, you can make an automatic backup.

There are many other alternatives, and one of them is FreeFileSync, GoodSync, or SyncBackFree.

Protect some important files

Some free applications such as USB SafeGaurd through which you can store the most important data on the flash memory and encrypt it using the AES 256Bit encryption system, through which you can set more than one password for folders and not allow anyone to enter them, and in order to increase the security levels to the maximum limits, it will This program will destroy all this confidential content if any intruder tries to tamper with it using the wrong passwords.

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