Simple ways to strengthen your home Wi-Fi router signal

Certainly, it is very frustrating and annoying when you have a router at home and when you connect to it, whether via phone, tablet or laptop..etc. You find the Wi-Fi signal strength is low, and of course then the internet speed is slow and you cannot surf the Internet in the best way, sometimes it is Wrong When you think that the problem is due to an error in your router, in fact the problem is that you are causing it because the router is placed in the wrong place that is not qualified to spread the Wi-Fi signal throughout the house, let me tell you, starting from this topic, about some methods and tips that you should work It is used to boost the Wi-Fi signal at home and get the best quality of the wireless signal.

Of course, there are different routers in the market and the difference between them depends on their range and speeds, so you find modern devices that allow you to have more ability to connect to Wi-Fi in remote places. Your device is farther from the router, the waves begin to reach your device weakly. Here are seven easy ways to improve the Wi-Fi signal and boost it in your home.

1- Finding the right place to place the router

One of the most important things affecting the router is the place where the router was placed, so let us say that it is responsible for obtaining stronger Wi-Fi signals, so it is very important, with the help of let us explain to you the specifications of the ideal place to put the router in and at another point we explain specific places that you should not even think about Transfer the router to it. Try to place the router in the middle of your home, so that it is the center of the house, this means that the Wi-Fi signal reaches all directions so that you have the best possible coverage throughout your home and try to avoid walls and obstacles that affect the signal waves, also do not put the router inside a closed room in the house This leads to a very weak Wi-Fi signal.

2- Do not place the router on the ground

For a better Wi-Fi signal, try to avoid placing the router on the ground or in a place close to the ground, as you need to raise the router as far from the ground as you can, and the reason here is that the Wi-Fi signal in the router cannot penetrate the floor, which is wooden or ceramic … or any other thing. The Wi-Fi signals then go towards the ground and not up to reach all the devices in the house, so try as much as possible to find a place higher or far from the ground so that the signal spreads evenly throughout your home.

3- Stay away from electronic devices and metal objects

Electronic devices such as the TV and its remote control device (remote), home phone, computers, receivers, and even another router..etc all negative devices for the router where the Wi-Fi signal is exposed to and interferes with it in addition to metal objects such as microwaves, cooling devices and any other device that contains a motor (motor It absorbs the router’s signal, so try to place it in a place far from various home devices to reduce interference, and this of course makes the Wi-Fi signal better.

4- Changing the antennas position in different directions

Usually routers come with two antennas that play the role of spreading the Wi-Fi signal, we can also find more than two antennas in the router, it may be 3 or 4, as in modern devices. In general, if you put antennas and move them in different directions, this will affect the signals and you can get a strong and good Wi-Fi signal as this leads to making the signal spread throughout the house equally, there is a better way and some recommend it which is the vertical position so that the antenna is in the vertical and the other direction In the horizontal direction, this method makes the signal reach better, especially when you are using the phone in a horizontal direction.

5- Providing adequate ventilation for the router

Since routers are designed to work for long periods without shutdown or rest, this of course causes them to be exposed to intense heat. This temperature has a clear effect on the weak signal of the router and not only that, but on the device itself and hastens the end of its life span. Therefore, there are two solutions, the first of which is to turn off the router in the event that you do not use it, for example before going to sleep or when leaving the house, to give it a rest.

The second solution, which I personally use, is to put any cooler under the router, such as the air fans for computers. If you have an old one, you can use it and provide a socket to run it, or alternatively you can use an old laptop cooling pad so that you put the router on it and run it via the USB port. You can also put it somewhere that gets heat appropriately. First and foremost, you should focus on avoiding high temperatures in the router.

6- Increase the range of the Wi-Fi signal

Although it is a strange and different method, it is very practical and has the effect of improving the quality of the arrival of the Wi-Fi signal, where you can use one of the metal sheets for soft drinks to form a metal object as shown in the picture above, this metal object you put on the antenna of the router and you will get through it Better results as it enables you to significantly increase the strength of the Wi-Fi signal, and this is because it makes the signal broadcast to a specific destination, making the signals focus on the specific side and cover it completely.

7- Knowing if someone is stealing the Internet from the router

It is possible that the slow internet in the router is caused by another person stealing the Wi-Fi from your router, so you must first make sure and know who are the people connected to the router and find out if there is an unknown person stealing the internet from the router, and you can use our previous articles on this matter such as how to prevent Certain people and devices can connect to your router, as well as the article to protect the router and Wi-Fi the right way.

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