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The most prominent features of the November update of Windows 10

Since Microsoft adopted the system of semi-annual updates for Windows 10, which relies on issuing two major updates to the system every year, specifically in the months of May and November, all users are waiting for the release of those updates, and some even try them before they are released through the “Insider” experimental program to see what new features they carry Either at the system interface level, or in terms of improving performance and adding new features.

Often the first update of each year includes a lot of new features for this year and it is considered the main update while the second update comes with fewer features and the main goal of it is to fix bugs and fill security holes, and after we have highlighted the May 2020 update or 20H1 from Windows 10 for this The year and listing its most important features, through this article, we will show you the most prominent features expected to be released in the second update of this year from Windows 10.

Windows 10 or 20H2 update is expected to be released in a stable manner to users at the end of this year, although no date has been set for the official release of the update due to the Corona virus crisis, which affected the date of the May update for this year, but expectations indicate that it may be released by next November, especially with Trial preview versions of the release have begun to arrive for some “Insider” program users.

You can preview the features that we will mention in this article by subscribing to the “Insider” program, the “Beta” episode and the update for version 19042. It is worth noting that all of these features have been confirmed in the next update so far as long as they are released with the beta versions of Windows 10 20H2, and we will Update this article in the event that any new features are added in the upcoming updates and before the update is officially released.

The new Start menu

The start menu will be on a date with a new set of icons next to a new, smarter design that depends on being affected by the chosen Windows theme instead of the fixed colors against the background of the icons that were used before, by changing the system color to the dark or light mode, you will find that the icons correspond to the chosen theme With a white background in the normal mode or a black background in the dark mode.

The menu has also become more beautiful through the distinctive acrylic design, which provides an aesthetic appearance by reflecting the colors of the open windows behind the menu, and through a previous topic we explained how to activate the new Start menu with your current version of Windows 10 without subscribing to the trial version.

Control the screen refresh rate

An important feature for gaming lovers, if you have a computer screen that supports working at more than one refresh rate or “Refresh Rate”, you will be able to control that matter and change the refresh rate by going to the settings, then the “system” menu, then “Display” and by pressing “Advanced Display Options” With the “Refresh Rate” option, you will be able to change the screen refresh rate to any value supported by the menu for more fluid gaming performance.

Pre-install the Edge browser

After the overwhelming success of the new Microsoft Edge browser based on the Chromium kernel, Microsoft intends to make the browser pre-installed on the system, so when you install the 20H2 version of Windows 10 for the first time, you will find that the Edge Chromium browser is installed automatically and you will not need to install the browser manually as was the case before , This step comes after the official announcement of Microsoft to stop supporting the “Internet Explorer” browser as well as the old Edge browser next year.

Navigating between browser tabs and system windows

As a new step to make Edge Chromium browser a part of the system, with the next update, you will be able to move between open Windows 10 windows as well as the Edge browser tabs together through the Alt + Tab shortcut from the keyboard, and after pressing the two keys and then pressing more than once, you can switch between the open tabs .

And by heading to Settings, then the “System” menu, then “Multitasking”, specifically through the Alt + Tab option, you can control the property’s settings when pressing the Alt + Tab keys by choosing between more than one available mode in the drop-down menu, so you can, for example, show Windows windows and all Edge tabs. Currently open windows or windows, the latest 5 tabs or windows windows, the latest 3 tabs in Edge browser, and finally, only windows windows are shown.

Copy computer information from settings with one click

A while ago Microsoft began the process of moving most of the old settings through the “Control Panel” to the new settings screen in Windows 10, and among those settings is the device cutoff information, which you can access by going to the settings, then the “system” menu, then “about” from the side menu .

Starting with the new version, the “Copy” button will be placed below the device’s specification information as well as the operating system’s specifications. It is an option that seems simple, but it will be very time-saving if you want to quickly copy your device’s specifications or operating system information and send it to anyone else to solve a problem or any Another purpose, and by clicking on the option and then pasting to any other interface, you can copy all the information as it appears on the screen.

Show Account Services on the taskbar

When installing the new update for the system for the first time, the system will provide you with shortcuts for “Your Phone” applications to control the phone as well as “XBOX” automatically. Once you log in with a Microsoft account, if you use either of the two services through the same account, shortcuts for the two services will appear on the taskbar by default. In order to quickly access your phone through “Your Phone” or games through “XBOX” account.

Notifications improved

One of the most annoying things to Windows 10 users is the notification windows due to their large number and lack of information, but starting from the next release, the notification interface will be modified to include an icon at the top that indicates the name of the application from which the notification comes in addition to the “X” to close the notification.

Also, when you activate the “Focus Assist” mode of canceling the notifications and then deactivate it, a summary of all the notifications that were blocked during the period of muting the notifications will not be shown, which is the feature that was causing great inconvenience to users.

Pinned Site Shortcuts

Through the “Pin to Taskbar” feature in Edge Chromium Browser, you can install a shortcut for your favorite sites on the Windows taskbar, the new thing is that when you pin a specific site to the taskbar and then hover with the mouse arrow over the site shortcut on the taskbar, you will find showing all the open tabs for the same site in Edge Browser and thus you can move For any of them, just click on it, and it will be activated and opened in Edge.

Tablet placement improvements

When using any laptops that support the touch feature, and specifically when the keyboard is disconnected from the laptop, it will automatically switch to the “Tablet Mode” or “Tablet Mode” without showing user notifications. Also, if the laptop is turned off and on again, the active display mode will be activated before The computer shuts down automatically, but this feature will not be available to regular computer users so that the user is not disturbed, especially those who do not prefer to use tablet mode.

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