Worst solution to some of the problems you are facing with your computer

There are a lot of natural problems we encounter with our computers in terms of hardware. This is normal for any electronic device that may experience a problem at some point. It’s not just computers, no. Computer problems may be multiple, but most of them stem from just being electronic devices.

What I want you to understand is that with any problem, you must do the correct solution that gets rid of this problem instead of the temporary solution that many people do or the bad solution that you see here. The world of hardware is full of potential problems and I don’t terrify you with computers, on the contrary, you should know what could happen.

You will start by talking that the console is not problematic and you will use what I wrote above to prove your point. Fabulous! Let me remind you that the console is basically a computer and it will suffer from the same problems later or later, so don’t worry.

Worst solution computer

The worst computer problems and worst solutions we’ve seen will start here

The first problem: high temperature

OK. You know that any electronic piece will heat up when you work, but with GPUs and CPUs it is a little different because it heats up depending on the load you put on it. Graphics processors will overheat with playing games or rendering, and central processors will overheat when you put a high load on them to process some data, and this is very normal.

Here we recommend referring to our cooling guide for computers in order to get the best possible cooling for these devices, but the solution you see is not worth thinking about.

The disastrous solution

You open the computer case from the side and put its glass cover anywhere, then put the room fan next to your computer. Trust me, many people do this when the heat gets too high and this is the worst idea you can think of. Why?

Because you will be hosting dust inside your computer case in order to expose yourself to one of the known computer problems. Not only that, but you may affect the processor and graphics card fan because you will most likely push the air in the opposite direction to its movement, and this is the worst idea you can take to cool your computer. It’s not worth it to solve your problem with two worse problems, is it?

The second problem: dust accumulation

Computers host dust from time to time, and this is normal because they draw air and expel it to cool what is inside, so it is natural for some dust to fall inside the box itself. You must get rid of this dust by cleaning each piece separately using air cans and a brush to disperse the dust outward away from the computer case itself, this is the correct way.

The disastrous solution

That you open the computer case and turn on the electronic blower in the device while it is open and all the parts are still in their places, and direct the blower towards the board. This method is faster to kill your parts than to clean them. That is, yes, you can do this, but from a great distance and with precautions that ensure that you dismantle the parts that rely on the fans so as not to break them due to the air pressure, but when you open the box and put the blower inside and turn it on, you are doing a disaster.

The problem here is that the fan of the processor cooler or graphics card fans may be broken. At the same time, you may burn some parts on the board itself if this particular electronic blower is expelling high temperature air. For this reason, do not do this command again.

The third problem: the cleanliness of the computer screen

We’re used to getting dusty and dusty on our screens sometimes. There might be a spray from opening your soda in front of it as well and we might see signs of this spray clearly visible on the screen that won’t give you the best experience when you look at it while playing your favorite game, right?

The disastrous solution

That you use normal tissues to wipe the screen. Not only that, but you also spray water to clean it with this tissue because you treat it like glass lenses. This is the biggest mistake you can make with the monitor you own, which is not cheap if it is a professional screen.

Screen panel is not replaceable. Damaging it means that it will remain in this state until you buy a new screen that serves your purpose, so you must protect it from scratches that come from the cleaning method that we talked about above. Our advice to you is to use a dry, lint-free microfiber cloth to clean your computer screen. The liquid you will use is desalinated or filtered water.

Fourth problem: changing the thermal paste

The link between the cooler and the processor is not a piece of iron, but a thermal paste that connects the two in order to transfer heat from the processor to the radiator heat sink, which gets rid of it through the fan on it. This paste is exposed to drying after a long period of use, which may reach more than a year in most cases.

The disastrous solution

Find an inexpensive alternative to this paste. There are those who put toothpaste as an alternative solution and justify this solution as a “short term solution” nothing more. That is, yes, it may be an effective solution for a day or two, but we always recommend using thermal paste and you should not use Istanbul cheese as we saw on the Internet before.

The job of the thermal paste is to remove any space between the processor and the heat sink. Using any other medium between the processor and the heat sink may cause unacceptable problems in the future, especially if the dispersant melts and falls with its high temperature on the rest of the corners of the board at the same time when the processor is not cooled down from the ground up. A losing bargain in all respects if you ask me.

Fifth problem: incompatibility of the graphics card with the computer case

Some people buy a new graphics card in a small computer box. This problem most often appears with the width of the card, not with its length. When this problem occurs, the computer case cannot be closed due to the space occupied by the graphics card, which does not allow the side cover to be placed.

The disastrous solution

Leaving your computer case open nearby in order to get dirt in is exactly like the first problem. Your computer will be a station of all dust, and that is one of the worst decisions you can make in your life, my friend. The ideal solution is to check the size of the card and match it with your box size in order to avoid this problem in the first place.


These computer problems are common among users. There are solutions that are more catastrophic than others and should not be adopted in the first place. We never recommend doing anything from the above except our advice to overcome the problem itself.

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