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Expectations for Xbox Series X to launch on November 6th

The software giant Microsoft recently confirmed its plans to launch the new Xbox Series X gaming device next November, without revealing a specific date, and today the latest leaks indicate that the gaming device will be officially launched on November 6.

Xbox Series X
The new leaks revealed a sticker that comes through the box for packaging Series X controllers, which explains Microsoft’s instructions to distributors not to display or sell any shipments until November 6, and the indicative stickers also come in orange, which was distinguished by the previous indicative stickers for Microsoft devices.

And some stores in Chicago, last week, started selling the controller for the Series X games, without showing accurate details across users about how they got these units before the specified time from Microsoft.

Also, some users registered the units that were purchased through Microsoft’s support site, which revealed that the warranty for these units will end in November 2021, that is, one year after purchasing the controllers, so expectations indicate that Microsoft has extended the warranty period Which was previously limited to 90 days, or that the warranty works for one year combined with Xbox units.

It is noteworthy that Microsoft has not yet officially confirmed the launch date of the Series X games device, or the level of pricing with which it is launched to the market, but expectations indicate that the software giant is preparing soon to reveal these details to start pre-booking.

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