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Which is worth buying: XBOX Series X or Playstation 5

We are still at the edge of our seats, counting the days along and counting the countdown to them on our fingers, waiting for the decisive moment to sound the whistle of bloody war between the two giants: PlayStation 5 vs XBOX Series X, and next November is the exact date to allow both sides to raise their arms in the face of the other and fight. Fortunately, we now have an initial idea that outlines each army’s equipment on both sides. We were able to see a group of next-generation games that will be launched on the official launch date, in addition to the official price, technical specifications, and launch date for each of them. Now ,,, the question that arises constantly, “Which console is best for you?”

Technical specifications and prices

First of all, Microsoft is preparing to launch a copy of the XBOX Series X on the tenth “10” of next November, at a cost of $ 499 USD, moreover, the other version under the name of XBOX Series S is $ 299 USD. Therefore, on the other hand, he has to arm himself with the competitor’s weapon in order to be able to withstand him, and indeed SONY went out to announce the launch date of the PlayStation 5 so that it will be available for purchase on the twelfth day of November at a cost of $ 499 as well, while the version that does not come Includes a $ 399 CD Reader.

Next-generation platforms pursue the same goal, which is speed, power, graphics quality, leading technical specifications, and countless exclusives of new gaming titles, so that each platform can target the largest segment of the gamer community. And now we will move with you to the operating room for diagnosis and examination on the stomach of each console. Perhaps through the technical specifications, we can find an explicit answer that helps us make the appropriate decision.

The most important thing comes to the fore, when looking at the integrated CPU at the heart of the XBOX Series X, we will find a processor based on the AMD Zen2 architecture with a frequency of 3.8GHz. On the other hand, the competing console PlayStation 5 comes with the same architecture as it used, but at a lower frequency and speeds of only 3.5GHz. Do not view the difference as a small percentage, in fact this small difference may result in a completely different form in the overall level of performance.

As for the graphic performance, we will find that the superiority comes for the second time in favor of the XBOX Series X, thanks to its inclusion of an AMD graphics processor with a frequency of 1.8GHz capable of processing and shading operations with a capacity of 12 teraflops, for the PlayStation 5 console will have a 2.2GHz AMD graphics processor Only handle 10.3 teraflops.

It should be noted that Teraflops is a unit used to measure intense scientific automated computing processes in a time of one second, and that a higher value of it means the ability to better process graphics and obtain high-quality image display details in a faster period of time. But we have to remember that SONY has some additional touches when we talk about its graphic architecture, meaning that the recognition of better graphics quality will be a right that the players decide for themselves on the ground, and not just by looking at the manufacturing characteristics.

In terms of overall performance that is based on storage solutions, we will find that the ball this time in the PlayStation 5 stadium thanks to its ability to deal with 5.5GB per second, compared to the XBOX Series X, which is limited to dealing with 2.4GB per second. Better in loading times and the ability to reduce the time that the console requires to load new pages and in-game windows, of course all thanks to the NVMe PCIe storage used in the PS 5.

What is the purpose of supporting 8K display resolution?

After the previous specifications, we cannot find a fundamental difference between both platforms, each of them contains 16GB of RAM, both of which support 4K and 8K display resolutions, in addition to providing support for ray tracing technology that will bring a cinematic gaming experience similar to real life, which is represented in The effect of reflection of highlights and shadows within the environment of game worlds.

But the baffled question on the lips of users is “What is the purpose of supporting 8K display resolution if the games themselves are not able to support this resolution?” In addition, 8K TVs come with an insane price tag. For this reason, Mr. Jason Ronald, Director of the XBOX Series X Project Management, took the initiative to answer that question, and his speech came as follows; When we thought about the design of the XBOX Series X, we were planning to make it the right console for the next 7-10 years, which is why we made sure to support the 8K display.

How Microsoft and SONY are planning in the coming period

Since the launch of the PlayStation 4 in 2013, SONY has achieved a remarkable advantage over the competitor. The statistics indicate that more than 109 million copies of the PlayStation 4 console were sold by the beginning of 2020. As for Microsoft, it did not want to disclose the number of devices that it was able to officially sell, instead there are some news sources on the horizon that XBOX ONE did not achieve the target profit, and its sales results were limited to 49 million copies only. Even if we try to compare this number with the results of the Nintendo console, we will notice that the Switch surpassed almost 4 million copies despite the fact that its launch date was a full year after the launch of XBOX ONE.

SONY can definitely think better when it comes to titles for exclusive games that should be released to the masses of gamers, and it is very rare to see these titles on any platform other than PlayStaion. Add to that, with each new generation, its ability to launch an exclusive collection of huge titles that win players’ satisfaction and grab their attention very easily.

As for Microsoft’s platform exclusivity, it is very rare for games to be released exclusively for the XBOX console, in other words that its huge game collection is very few – perhaps this will change after the inclusion of some large game studios under its banner such as Obsidian Entertainment and Double Fine, but with the exception of some The usual monthly titles such as FORZA Motorsport, HALO or GEARS, we will find that most of their other games are already on the SONY platform, so there will be no necessity for fans of the blue team to turn away from their console.

But if you are from the green corner, you will find that some of the titles that were released at the Game Showcase event are also worth the wait, which included a new title from the popular action and fighting series FABLE, in addition to that there is a new game coming from the studio Rare under the title Everwild and game Obsidian coming as Avowed.

Microsoft is trying to sell games as a paid service every month through the players’ subscription to the XBOX Game Pass service, this service allows access to hundreds of titles from popular games at a price starting at only $ 9.99, in addition to that it has lost indications that all the games that were shown during the Games event Showcase will be available through the Game Pass service. For its part, Microsoft confirmed that players are able to run most of the next generation games on their old “XBOX ONE” platforms, and thus it relieves them of the burden of bearing the cost of purchasing the new console device.

SONY does not agree with this approach at all, as it has already begun to review a new list of exclusive games through which it was able to attract the attention of the players community better than the competitor, and at the top of the list of those titles is the game Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

However, in order for SONY to provide a suitable service that competes with Game Pass, it now has PlayStation Plus service, which aims to access a large list of online games and provides players with many benefits such as discounts and monthly discounts on games and bundles of free games.

In this way, PlayStation 5 users will be able to enjoy downloading 18 games that the company calls a “generation-defined” service, as this service allows the opportunity to try a group of first-party games with the company, which include Gof Of War, Uncharted 4 and Days Gone, in addition to To a bunch of third-party studio games like Battelfield 1, Fallout 4, Persona 5, Final Fantasy XV, and other mega-titles, but it lacks some popular games like Horizon Zero Down or Spider-Man.

In conclusion, if you are having difficulty making the right decision so far !, the only solution in front of you is to follow the same path that many other players have followed, which is to wait and wait until we see on the ground what each of them looks like, and what are the exclusives that we will deal With her, what will be the performance and results that we will get. In fact, if you want our personal opinion ,,, we see that the majority of the games announced so far are not sufficient for the user to make his choice and make his decision.

And we must not forget that pre-ordering operations on electronic stores is in an unprecedented chaotic state. However, if you are among the players who are lucky to have enough money, there is nothing that prevents you to buy both and enjoy the exclusive games that will come in the next few years for each of them.

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