Xiaomi Black Shark 3S

Xiaomi Black Shark 3S

Xiaomi has announced a new mobile phone called Xiaomi Black Shark 3S, which has been launched on the market.

Through the article, the advantages and disadvantages of the Xiaomi Black Shark 3S mobile phone, the capabilities, price and specifications of the phone will be mentioned in detail, such as the battery 4729 mAh and the size of the RAM is 12 GB RAM.


Xiaomi Black Shark 3S specifications and price

  • The Xiaomi Black Shark 3S phone supports the available networks in the world, as it supports 3G, 4G and 5G networks.
  • It comes with a capacity of 128/256 GB with a random memory of 12 GB RAM.
  • The phone comes with a 20-megapixel front camera.
  • The rear camera comes with a triple camera, where the first camera comes with 64 megapixels, which is the primary camera, while the second camera comes with 13 megapixels, which is ultra-fast, and the third camera is 5 megapixels.
  • The phone supports noise cancellation with the phone’s microphone.
  • The power of the Xiaomi Black Shark 3S battery is 4729 mAh, so it lasts for a long time without interruption or separation and supports fast charging of 65 watts.
  • Bluetooth comes with the latest version, as it comes in the fifth version, with support for the A2DP, LE features.
  • The screen supports a fingerprint feature at the bottom under the display.
  • It supports most of the sensors such as proximity, acceleration, gyroscope and compass.
  • Geolocation supports GPS as well as other navigation systems such as A GPS, BDS and others.
  • Bluetooth comes in the fourth version with support for A2DP, LE.
  • Supports Wi-Fi at a / b / g / n / ac frequencies.
  • The phone supports the 3.5 mm headphone jack and supports Dolby Atmos sound.
  • The phone supports the Android 10.0 operating system.
  • The phone supports a dual SIM (Nano – SIM) standby.
  • There is an internal speaker at the top of the phone screen.
  • Two nano-SIM cards can be installed in standby mode, up to the fourth generation and the fifth generation networks.

Xiaomi Black Shark 3S-3

Xiaomi Black Shark 3S features

  • The front camera is single with high-performance 20MP sensor, you can click high quality selfies.
  • The three-dimensional rear camera and the 64 + 13 + 5 megapixel sensors can output excellent pictures and videos with high quality.
  • The power of the battery is 4729 mAh, as it will last for a long time without interruption or disconnection.
  • The size of the RAM used in the device is 12 GB RAM, and it enables to run large applications and games without letting the phone down, such as the Biggie game, and you can run more than one application or game together without lagging.
  • The internal memory is 128/256 GB, where you can store a lot of files, photos, videos and documents, as it saves you from external memory such as the Samsung Galaxy A32.
  • The processor is a good octa-core, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865.
  • There is a fingerprint at the bottom of the screen under display.
  • The Xiaomi Black Shark 3S mobile phone is large 6.67 inch screen where you can enjoy watching videos and photos.


Disadvantages of Xiaomi Black Shark 3S

  • The battery cannot be separated from the phone.
  • The mobile is not resistant to water and dust.
  • There is no external memory slot.


The internal and external memory of the Xiaomi Black Shark 3S phone.

  • The internal memory is weighted in one of two models 128/256 GB.
  • There is no possibility to add an external memory card to the Xiaomi Black Shark 3S phone.
  • The size of the used RAM is 12 GB.


Xiaomi Black Shark 3S front and rear camera

  • The back camera of the Xiaomi Black Shark 3S
    Where the cameras consist of three different cameras with great and distinct performance, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, which features three distinct cameras.
    1- The first camera: – You find that camera with a resolution of 64 mega-pixels and it is a type of PDAF that comes with aperture of f / 1.8 lens with a focal length of 26.
    2- The second camera: – 13 mega-pixel resolution with a Telephoto lens with an f / 2.3 aperture and a focal length of 120 mm, which is extremely fast.
    3- The third camera: – You can find it with a 5 mega-pixel imaging resolution, f / 2.4 aperture and a depth sensor feature.
    Beside the rear camera, there are three LED flash and work on shooting in HDR quality, with panorama shooting.
  • the front camera
    1- The first camera: – It comes with an excellent photographic resolution of 20 mega pixels, which is wide.
    The front cameras come with HDR quality like Huawei Maimang 9.


The Xiaomi Black Shark 3S phone battery and the charging feature

  • The Xiaomi Black Shark 3S comes with an excellent lithium polymer battery, with an impressive capacity of 4729 mAh.
  • The phone supports fast charging with a huge capacity of 65 watts.
  • The battery provides a magnetic charging feature of 18 watts.


Xiaomi Black Shark 3S phone screen

  • The super AMOLED screen is available in a large size of 6.67 inches, and the phone supports 16 million colors.
  • Screen acquisition ratio is 82.4% of the front phone size, with respect to screen dimensions of 20: 9.
  • The phone screen comes with a huge display resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels with an impressive pixel density of 359 pixels per inch, and this improves the performance of the screen.

Xiaomi Black Shark 3S-2

The processor is Xiaomi Black Shark 3S

  • The phone comes with great performance through a powerful eight-core processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, which comes with a distinctive architecture of 7 nm.
  • The phone has excellent graphics performance through the impressive Mali-G 76 MP16 processor.
  • The phone runs Android 10, the latest systems.


The sound of the Xiaomi Black Shark 3S phone

The phone comes with an external speakerphone with support for installing a 3.5 mm headphone, there is also a second mike to prevent the noise from the sound while speaking, recording or photographing.

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