The new Xiaomi camera phone Mi 10 Ultra ranks first in the DxOMark ranking

Xiaomi was able to top the DxOMark list with its new Mi 10 Ultra camera, which scored 130 points in the DxOMark ranking.

The DxOMark team revealed the results achieved by the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra in the camera performance tests, which scored a total of 130 points, as it provided 142 points in still photography, and 106 points in video recording.

Mi 10 Ultra camera
The results came from the DxOMark team after testing the performance of the camera on the Mi 10 Ultra, where the performance of the various sensors was tested in different lighting conditions, and in night photography in particular, where the phone provided the best performance.

The telephoto camera also achieved the best results in optical zoom up to twice, while the Mi 10 Ultra camera, which comes with wide-angle periscope lenses, was distinguished by its ultra-fast performance in optical zoom up to 5 times.

The DxOMark team also confirmed that the camera with wide viewing angles is the most wide among the cameras that were tested in this category at a focal length of 12 mm, or 12.5 mm after correction, which outperformed the Galaxy S20 Ultra camera with a focal length of 13 mm, where the camera came Mi 10 Ultra with more accurate details and less noise, and the camera supports autofocus with good performance.

It is reported that Xiaomi presented the Mi 10 Ultra with the best camera settings today with a 48-megapixel main sensor that supports OIS, a PDAF focus, a 1/32 inch sensor, Quad-Bayer technology, a 12-megapixel sensor, twice optical zoom, and a periscope sensor that supports Optical zoom up to 5 times the size of a sensor 1 / 2.0 inch, with a sensor accurately 20 mega pixel camera with very wide viewing angles and also supports auto focus.

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