ZTE is preparing to launch its first phone with camera technology at the bottom of the screen

ZTE confirmed today its plans to launch its first release of feature phones with a camera below the screen in the coming months, which applies to the title ZTE A20 5G.

The phone manufacturing giants are competing to reach the market with the latest technology in smart phones, and the camera technology at the bottom of the screen is among the modern technologies that many companies seek to implement, and today ZTE confirms that it has already finished developing the technology to support one of its smartphones soon.

ZTE starts selling 5G smartphonesThe company, Oppo, had presented a model for a distinctive phone with a camera at the bottom of the screen during the last period, but ZTE’s statements today confirm that the company’s technology has become ready to reach the markets already, with expectations that ZTE will be the leader in accessing this technology to the markets.

The new details came through Ni Fei, CEO of the company, who officially confirmed the company’s plans to announce a phone with a camera at the bottom of the screen soon, but the teaser did not reveal the design of the upcoming device, also the company did not reveal a specific date for the launch of this version, which is launched later. Titled ZTE A20 5G.

Projections indicate that ZTE is using Visionox monitors in the manufacture of this version, as the latter has already begun mass production of panels that support a camera under the screen.

It is noteworthy that the main obstacle in the development of the camera technology at the bottom of the screen was the quality of the images, with the difficulty of adjusting the brightness and colors according to the location of the camera, and Visionox has confirmed to address these problems through a dedicated algorithm and the use of new devices in the screen to improve the viewing angles while reducing the glow, so we expect More details about the ZTE A20 5G phone in the coming period.

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